Our Mission is to empower retailers and wholesale suppliers by making it easier to connect and do business.

We strive to achieve this goal by streamlining and simplifying product sourcing from various suppliers for online entrepreneurs & creating retail business start up packages for new entrepreneurs in South Africa


We at DropStore, emphasise the protection of information regarding the relationship between distributors and resellers.

All information shared by resellers or distributors, is treated as confidential at all times.


Dropstore helps you find products to sell online on your online store from South African Suppliers without phone calls, emails, credit checks, or need for funding/captital.

You can connect your online store DIRECTLY to dropstore and add products to your eCommerce store easily in minutes.

Imagine - Once a customer places an order on your store, the order will be AUTOMATICALLY sent to the South African Supplier who will then ship the item to your customer and update the tracking information which will AUTOMATICALLY update on your store to your customer. Yes! That's amazing.

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Dropstore helps people like you to run their dropshipping stores with ease.
Here’s how we make the magic happen.

How to Use Dropstore to Find Products

We know that it can be tough to make a decision when you’re searching for products to sell online.

After all, there’s so much choice, so how can you know which products are best for your business?

We want to remove some of the guesswork that comes with finding a product, and enable you to make data-driven decisions about which products are best for your business.

That’s exactly why we’ve introduced actionable product statistics to all product listings on Dropstore.

In the sections below we’ll look at the data points that we’ve added, and explain how you can use them when you’re looking for products.

Easily Find Products to Sell

Dropstore helps you to find products to sell online by connecting you to suppliers across the world.

You can browse our marketplace to discover a huge variety of products, and add them to your store with just a few clicks.


One of the most common questions that entrepreneurs ask us is: "How can I know how competitive a product is?"

We want to be transparent with every entrepreneur who uses our product, so we’ve added our imports data to our product listings.

This means that whenever you search for a product on Dropstore you’ll be able to see the exact number of our entrepreneurs who are selling each product on our platform.

So, if a product listing shows 100 imports, that would mean that 100 different Dropstore stores have imported that product.

Verified Suppliers

You’ll never need to worry about finding exceptional suppliers for your products – we've already picked them out for you.

Verified suppliers are the top-performers on Dropstore, and they’ve been providing the highest quality service for users over a sustained period.